Governance and Administration

Wet’suwet’en 3 Year Strategic Plan

Economic Development Strategy Vision Statement

“The Wet’suwet’en First Nation is a dynamic, knowledgeable, unified community that will continue to progress towards self sufficiency through mutual respect, strong leadership, progressive, proactive and strategic activities that advance the social, economic and cultural values of the community.”

Chief Karen Ogen Electoral Mandate


Sound, effective leadership can do it!

Over the next three years I will work with council to preserve and protect our customs and traditions and build a prospering nation by:

  1. Ensuring government and industry fully respect Wet’suwet’en rights, title and interests across our Territory,
  2. Establishing a $250,000 education and training fund for WFN members so we can achieve our full potential,
  3. Providing every qualified WFN member with a well paid job opportunity in central and northern BC,
  4. Build YLP, our economic development arm, so that it contributes $500,000 per year to funding schools, daycare, healing facilities and other much needed WFN government programs and services.
  5. Require all users of our lands to meet the highest environmental protection standards.

Once In A Generation Opportunity –
Estimated Return of $30 million excluding CGL

To secure $30 million, well-paid jobs and business opportunities for WFN. To establish the self government framework necessary to complete transitioning to a 21st century government, complete building the 4 pillars (language and culture, health and wellness, education and training, housing) of a successful community, achieve reconciliation, move from dependency to self-reliance, and create a bright future for Wet’suwet’en members wherever they live.

Speaking Truth to Power

WFN is dealing with the largest oil and gas and resource companies in the world backed by the provincial and federal government. Their goal is to pay equivalent of blankets and beads, again.

Division of Responsibilities

Political Leadership –
Chief Karen Ogen with support of Council & Hereditary Chiefs

Business Leadership –
CEO Reg Ogen with support of Board, Council & Hereditary Chiefs

21st Century Self-Government –
Chief & Council and Hereditary Chiefs

Natural Resources Consultation & Accommodation & Lead Negotiator/Advisor –
Robert Dennis on instructions of Council

Legal and TransCanada/PNG Chief Negotiator –
Rob Botterell on instructions of Council

Guiding Principles for 3 Year Strategic Plan

Act in the best interests of present and future generations of Wet’suwet’en members wherever they live. Be outward looking and community driven. Focus on return on investment.

10 Point Action Plan –
Wet’suwet’en is Here To Stay And Prosper

  1. Develop and implement constitution and WFN laws necessary to exercise inherent right to self-government in the 21st century.
  2. Implement communications strategy including social media (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.), monthly community meetings every fourth Thursday and regular speaking engagements to update community members on and off-reserve, First Nations councils, tribal councils, and First Nations members across the north, OW, Unist’ot’en, government (domestic and international), industry and the public on WFN’s priorities and actions and leadership role in making change to create a bright future for our people.
  3. Hold weekly in person Council meetings on Monday afternoon open to members to update on all issues, review, adjust and implement strategy.
  4. Give YLP responsibility and interim funding to implement all aspects of Huckleberry agreement and Pacific Trails Pipeline agreement (Training, Employment, Contracts, etc.). Establish long term investment and dividend framework for YLP business growth.
  5. Develop and implement a 3 year Natural Resources, Self –Government, and CGL budget.
  6. Do what is necessary at law (no blockades) to ensure natural resource development in WFN Territory meets the highest current environmental standards while recognizing that WFN does not set the standards.
  7. Develop and implement a separate legal strategy (Delgamuukw & Haida – Round 2) and budget including expert advice to force the Crown, TransCanada and Shell to fully and properly compensate WFN (Estimate $30 million including employment and business contracts) for Coastal GasLink. Avoid becoming dependent on CGL proceeding.
  8. Continue implementation of successful consultation and accommodation strategy on Natural Resources files based on return on investment principle.
  9. Ask YLP to do a comprehensive labour/education/small business survey of WFN members wherever they live to establish education, training and employment targets.
  10. Over next month build support and alliances across BC to pursue WFN interests.

Governance and Administration

Chief and Council is on a three-year custom election system.   The current Chief and Council members are Chief Karen Ogen, Councillor Janice Nooski, Councillor Erwin Tom.  The focus of the council and management has been on community health and wellness, education and economic development. 

Karen Ogen

Janice Nooski

Erwin Tom

Darren Patrick
General Manager