5 simple steps to keep your home safe and secure

5 simple steps to keep your home safe and secure

The world has become more insecure in recent years. Global street crime rate has experienced an increment. In fact, burglaries happen every fifteen seconds in the U.S and 73% of these robberies occur to residential properties.

Given the statistics above, it is imperative for homeowners to install security measurements to keep your property and family safe from potential burglaries. Home safety must always be your priority. So here are five simple steps to ensure your home is safe and secure:

Keep the doors secured

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Most of the burglars enter through home’s front door. This makes it crucial for homeowners to inspect not only your front door but all the doors around the house. Make sure you protect the hinges, the wood is durable, and frames are strong so that someone cannot easily break through it. Front door is surely an attractive focal point of your dwelling but do not compromise on security just for its visual appeal. Install a deadbolt or peephole to make sure door even more safe and secure.

Keep the windows safe

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Already existing windows in most of the homes are not that effective in terms of providing protection. Replace them with locks or key-operated levels to elevate your house safety. Tempered or laminated glass can be consider for a stronger hold. A lot of burglaries occur through windows. Ensure all the windows are secured.

Security systems

This is probably the most effective way to keep your house safe from potential burglaries. All homeowners should consider installing some sort of security system like a fully monitored automated system. Before purchasing one, assess what are the needs of your area and then go for a system that suits your security objectives the most. Some of the basics that one can consider is motion sensors, alarms and smoke detectors.

Having an automated system is more effective than manual vigilance. Cameras can be installed as well to keep a look if some suspicious activity is going on in the vicinity.

Illuminate the landscape

A lot of burglaries occur during the day when people go at work. This doesn’t eliminate the need for securing your home at night. One of the best ways to elevate your security at night is lighten up the area. Place lights in your home’s surroundings which automatically creates a sense of insecurity in heart of potential burglars. Intruder will be less motivated to break into illuminated areas.


It is not enough to install security measures only. You need to have alternative plans in case the system fails. Sit down with your family and make up plans to keep the area more safe and secure. Set specific rules for opening the doors when strangers show up, lock the doors when you leave and make sure your kids are aware of the strategies that needs to be implemented. All have an exit strategy in case of an emergency. Having alternative plans can be highly effective.